How to access code

You can browse the various software packages by clicking on a topic in the column to the left. Each topic takes you to a list of associated software packages.

Links in each package entry will take you to either an external web site (typical for applications that already have a website) or to various GitHub repositories that ‘live’ on the MRSHub.

You don’t have to be familiar with GitHub to download code from this site. Three quick clicks and you can have a ZIP file downloaded to your computer:

  1. Pick/click a topic in the list to the left.

  2. Find a package entry that has an ‘MRSHub Code’ link at the bottom (circled in red). Click on this link.

    MRSHub Code links take you to a GitHub repository

  3. You are now taken to the GitHub repository front page. Click on the green ‘Clone or download’ button (circled in green) to download a .ZIP file containing all the files in the repository to your computer.

    Navigating through and downloading from a GitHub repository

  4. Alternatively, you can just browse the directories and files directly by clicking on a directory or file link (circled in purple).

However, if Git is your thing, feel free to fork and clone to your heart’s content. Enjoy!