Ongoing Community Projects

Synthetic MRS

Overview of Objectives and Goals

  • An effort to develop best practices and provide recommendations for creating synthetic spectra.
  • Led by Antonia Kaiser, John LaMaster, and Aaron Gudmundson

Reproducibility Made Easy


Reproducibility Made Easy GUI Image

  • Several consensus papers by MRS experts have addressed data collection, analysis, and reporting standards. Despite this, the usage of the MRSinMRS standardized reporting criteria remain sparsely utilized, impeding research rigor and reproducibility. To overcome this, the ‘Reproducibility Made Easy’ software automates table population and methods section generation, streamlining the process with a single raw dataset, removing manual data entry.
  • Team includes Antonia Susjnar, Antonia Kaiser, Gianna Nossa, Dunja Simicic, and Aaron Gudmundson