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The MRSHub is a curated collection of resources for the analysis of magnetic resonance spectroscopy data. It is maintained by the Committee for MRS Code and Data Sharing of the MR Spectroscopy Study Group of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM).

We are actively seeking contributions! If you are interested in advancing open science in MRS, please see our MRSHub User Guide!

Proceedings from the 2022 MRS Workshop in Lausanne

Proceedings from the 2022 MRS Workshop (including video-recorded lectures and presentation PDFs) are now online for free access without registration!

2022 MRS Workshop Proceedings

Software & Code

Software & Code

The MRSHub code repository collects software packages and functions to process, manipulate, analyse, and display MRS data.

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MRSHub Forum


The MRSHub forum is a place for the MRS community to seek support, exchange ideas, ask questions, and collaborate.

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The MRSHub data repository collects MRS datasets for demonstration and testing of new methods.

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