The MRSHub is a curated collection of resources for the analysis of magnetic resonance spectroscopy data. It is maintained on a volunteer basis by individuals dedicated to promoting principles of open science in the MRS community and beyond.

This website wants to provide a comprehensive collection of software tools, code snippets, repositories, and other useful resources. Novice MRS users can use it as a launchpad to explore the many facets or MRS data analysis. Experienced researchers and method developers can collaborate to build on each others efforts, and disseminate their software through a single, centralized hub.

The mission of the MRSHub project is to make MRS data analysis software free, open-source, well-documented, and accessible to MRS researchers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. We hope to contribute to methodological consensus and standardization, encourage collaboration and community-based development, and propel the field of MRS towards fulfilling its great potential.